Believe . . .

In You






Time To Fly

. . . Use Your Wings!

Love Is Infinite

. . . Expand!

It Is Time!


Magical Beings everywhere are feeling THE CALL.

Your Body feels different, your life is transforming . . .

And THE MAGIC is before you.


Step into THE MYSTERY now as beings of all types

Surrender to the inner truth they have always known.




Our forms are in a state of metamorphosis.

A Sacred Transformation has begun.

Are you ready?


It is time . . .

For soul*ful MAGIC!




In a magical way, Living As Light allows us to not only feel and to see THE GREATER PERFECTION of the world in which we live . . . but in a hidden way, it births within us the ability to be A PERFECT WONDER OF LIGHT within ourselves.  When we do this, not only are we the embodiment of peace and joy – we live A Life Of Miracles.  Never underestimate the power of LOVE, and the unseen realms, to TRANSFORM the ordinary into . . . the extraordinary.


See for yourself.

You’ll be EVER GLAD you did!



What is Light?

For us, it is simply the Sacred Presence of high vibrational energy.  It can take many forms:  A Being, A Knowing, A Wisdom, A Consciousness, A Feeling.  Whatever it is, and however it appears, when it comes – WE TAKE NOTICE.  WE cultivate the art, and the power, of BEING WHOLLY PRESENT within the unseen realm of light that surrounds us all.

Doing so allows us to begin to see with the eyes of our soul, to hear with the power of the heart.  And to do something more:  TO EXPAND OUR OWN ABILITY TO LIVE, WITHIN OURSELVES, AS MORE AND MORE OF WHO WE TRULY ARE INSIDE.

Deep Transformation awaits us when we do.  And that metamorphosis is more valuable than gold – a wealth we would, each of us, give anything to embody.


Now we can!



Are you powerful?

When we embody THE TRUTH and THE ESSENCE of WHO WE TRULY ARE, our full being takes over our life in a brand new way.  Within that process, our lives go through a metamorphosis not unlike that of the caterpillar who transforms into a butterfly.  Our new beingness, our new form, has capacity and potential that would defy our minds as the ordinary human we thought we were.

Here, MAGIC unveils its majestic ability to live and to breathe inn any moment from a center of Oneness.  Here, our power transforms all that comes to us, our every breath is an elixir of potent and magical LIGHT.  The human realm of life will never again be the same.  Nor will you.  Are you ready?

The Transformations have already begun.

Are you in . . . ?


It Is Time!

Whether we know it or not – see it or not – realize it or not . . .life on earth is changing.  In powerful, sacred, and invisible ways.

Are you one of the Beings on earth ready to Transform – to embrace higher frequencies, to expand into greater truths, and to discover depths of wisdom inside yourself?

The illuminations and revelations of The Inner Teachings of Light are a magical, potent, and irreversible thing.  They cannot be undone.  They cannot be taken back.  They cannot be unseen.


Because . . . THEY BECOME YOU!


It is time.  We are ready. 

And the path is here before you. 

We will go beyond what is known

About Light, Spirit, and Love in this realm.

Let’s BEGIN !


Get To Know Us!

The best way to get to know us . . . is by exploring OUR WORLD.

Come discover the magic, the spirit, and the love – which inspires our every moment, every breath, and life’s creation.  You can find it in the wisdom and the words, the images and the invisible touch . . . held in the heart of each page of our online sites.

They reflect our soul – and most importantly –


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WELCOME . . . here . . . TO OUR WORLD!

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