A Magical Plan For Peace

Whether we see it this way or not, life holds a powerful ability to invite us To Transform.  WE rarely accept that invitation the easy way.  It more often takes A Challenge, A Storm, A Crisis to get our true attention.  And we seem so distracted and disconnected from our centers now . . . that The Invitations seem to be growing exponentially more powerful.

Like it or not – believe it or not – what comes and appears before us . . . comes as LOVE.  As an agent of change on behalf of that which we have ignored, dismissed or ridiculed.

Whether we like it or not, it would seem to behoove us all to accept THE INVITATION before us.  And to do so with gusto!

Every Moment – Every Event – Every Situation in the material realm . . . can be a powerful opening into higher energies of love.  And a beautiful and potent invitation into deeper Transformations within ourselves.  I suggest we get on with it!!!


Begin here.  With a simple, potent question:

“What are you resisting – right now?  In your Life.  In your World.  In the Universe.”

What if you do just one simple, yet powerful thing:

STOP.  Stop resisting, stop fighting, stop denouncing, stop fearing.  Can you do that?

YES.  You Can.

It may feel strange – but it holds A Secret . . . and The Sacred Key . . . to moving forward.  In grace.  Peace.  Love.  And – yes – even JOY.

Once you have stopped resisting – once you are STILL – then, and only then, can you invoke your True Power.  Then, and only then, can you catalyze true change.  Then, and only then, can you do – and be – that which you  came TO DO, TO BE.

Having accomplished that – no small feat, to be sure – WHAT NEXT??!

Can you . . . LOVE?

Can you love – deeply, profoundly, genuinely – that which you have resisted?

Begin there.  Do THAT work – inside yourself.


Because it is only LOVEpure and true – that will ever bring forth change.  Hate, opinion, judgment, fighting, rhetoric – they do not change any of us for the better.  Not those you wish to beat into submission in their views, move to your side of the spectrum of belief – and most importantly – even you, yourself.


It is your truest power.  And – your only enduring capacity to affect change.  All other energies will eventually burn out and fail.

But LOVE has a unique and magical capacity to not just endure – but to grow ever stronger –  no matter the situation.  Your True Power – for yourself or on behalf of others – does not lie in resistance.  It lies in LOVE.

So wield YOUR power now.  BE LOVE!  Deeply, unapologetically – and without EXCEPTION.

Do that – in this election and every other situation in the world – and PEACE will come.  After all, THE INVITATION banging out each of our doors . . . is NOT to change each other or even the world . . . BUT ONLY OURSELVES.

That is where OUR POWER lies.  And that is, after all, THE MAGICAL PATH TO PEACE!

I’m on it – looking to the future with hope and joy.

I hope you feel the same.  If not . . . ?