A Powerful Invitation


You may think,

LIGHT lives inside us.

It is the highest frequency of energy.  And creation of any form holds THAT PUREST SPARK deep within its being.  It dictates us, who we are, how we form, and the life path we are here to live.  Beholding THAT BLUEPRINT of LIGHT is the most sacred thing we will ever do, become, or achieve.  Why?  Because though it is an intensely PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL and PRIVATE THING – it releases and ignites a power in you not seen on earth.

To BEHOLD the TRUTH OF OUR BEINGS while holding form is . . . beyond nirvana.  Beyond rapture.  Beyond bliss.  IT IS OUR ONLY PURPOSE FOR BEING.  And when we do . . . when we take that journey of awakening, opening, and expansion – WE DIVE DEEP into the very powerful CENTER of FIRST LIGHT.  Pure Love.  WITHOUT FEAR.

Look around you.  Do you SEE that living around you?  PURE LOVE – without fear?  DO YOU?

I do.  I see it every single day.  And you can, too.

This is a powerful, potent time here on earth.  WE are all FACING AN INVITATION from the very depths of LIGHT.  The universe itself has said YES.  The creations of light and matter we share this world with have said YES.  The dimensions far beyond our own, and extending deeply past our ability to imagine their presence, have all said YES.  The final choice is ours.  HUMANITY’s.

What is . . .


A choice NOT to choose – is a loud, resounding NO.  There is no sitting on the fence now.  There is no ‘wait and see if it  is  true or can be proven.  There is no . . . I’ll follow others.  NO – this is ZERO POINT.  That moment when we EACH must choose.  And not choosing – is – A CHOICE.

We all end up in the same state, whatever we choose.  THE END is no different – we become PURE LIGHT.  The question is – the choice is about – THE JOURNEY TO THAT POINT.  How do we get there?  How do we transform into that?  And how CONSCIOUSLY are we experiencing THAT TRANSFORMATION.

These are powerful times.  These are potent journeys.

The Transformation they bring is awe-inspiring.

The Metamorphosis will be complete.

Are you ready?

SAY YES – and we will begin.  This changes everything.  But the most powerful change it enacts is this:  YOU FINALLY SEE – and KNOW – AND LIVE – as who you truly are.  As the light which lives so profoundly IN THE VERY CENTER DEPTHS OF YOUR BEING.  A fount of power and light and love you have never before imagined, much less seen or touched.

The Blueprint Of The Journey is here.  The Choice must be your own.  And it will change everything – most especially – YOU.   YOUR LIFE.   THE WORLD.

Why Wait?  There is no moment like THE PRESENT for becoming your TRUE LIGHT.

And no moment like NOW for truly living THE BLISS OF LOVE that BEING YOUR TRUE LIGHT brings forth inside you, into your life, and out into the world.  Is there anything more important or more worthwhile in your life today than doing that?

I think not.

But   do   you ?

time to choose