Are You . . . TRUE?

One of the very first callings

Of Living As Light is this:


And though, likely, we all believe we are truthful Beings, when you look at it from your soul or essence’s perspective, quite often we may be shocked to discover that . . . we may not quite understand what that really, truly, means.

A Calling of The Soul ensues.  And suddenly everything around you is seen with this magical, mystical vision.  Instead of doing something – or anything – as everyone else does, or even as it has always been done, you are called from deep within yourself to evaluate, consider and discover – FOR YOURSELFANEW.

BEING TRUE is one of the sacred keys.  It opens doorways inside us that we don’t even know are there.  It ignites powers and gifts that lay beneath the surface, undisturbed, and unknown to us, as we live our lives in the old paradigm.  As a human being first, and if we’re lucky, some sliver of light or spirit mixed in on the side.  Even the most spiritual among us are, quite often, crafting their lives, their purposes, and their creations – from a primarily, and wholly, human side.

But there is more.  There is another way.

One that illuminates everything for you from within.

BEING TRUE is the very first key to living A MAGICAL LIFE.  Why?  Because, when we ARE being WHO WE TRULY ARE, when we ARE LIVING OUR LIFE from a space of PURE TRUTH – then we are the same no matter who is around us, where we are or what we are doing.  Think about that.

And here’s an invitation.  When you ponder if you are BEING TRUE . . . before you give that very quick answer of YES . . . listen to this message.  It’s simple – pure – and full of wonderings.  Apply the principle of BEING TRUE to every single area of your life, and you may just be SURPRISED to discover . . . there’s a whole other world inside you just waiting TO BE BORN.

And now IS THE TIME!