Becoming . . .
Who You Truly Are!

A special Being

Went on a very special journey.

When she returned home,she was changed.  Transformed.  Reborn.

In a magical way, she had come to remember and to discover . . .

The most amazing TRUTHS OF LIGHT.

Wisdoms born of love, knowings given wings within the wisdom of the soul, rememberings magically polished to a very brilliant LIGHT by her memory of how to live them while in a very physical, material realm of life.

That Being was . . . Star*Child.  And though her journey was over a decade ago – she blessed me with its power and its beauty, its majesty and its grace – AND ITS WISDOMS and NEW TRUTHS OF LIFE! – the moment she returned from her journey.  As her life force slowly re-enlivened her form – these amazing translations of LOVE began transferring from her heart to my own.

Those precious gifts she gave to me then changed me.  They transformed me.  And my life itself grew ever more magical, more beautiful – and more powerful.  As they took root in the garden of my innermost being, their depths began to blossom out into the world around me.

It’s a been a powerful and amazing time since that first whisper from this tiny – yet HUGE – Being of Light that I so loved.  And here, my own journey has now ended, and a new one begun.  In that transition she asked one thing of me.  That I share these wondrous, potent, magical blends of LIGHT and SPIRIT and LOVE – with you.

In doing so, we ask you only one thing.  OPEN YOUR HEART.  These will touch the deepest, most true places of your Being – and that is most definitely NOT your mind.  Go deeper than ever before.   Go beyond your mind and your human thoughts.  Let the higher wisdom you hold within the intellectual center of your heart . . . help you to receive this, our most precious gift.

The “FIRST TRUTHS OF LIGHT” which she gave to me were magical.  They were potent.  And they were something more.  They INITIATED a transformation within me so deep and so amazing . . . that it utterly changed every thing about my life.  IN doing so – I learned about the depths of my soul and the breadth of my deepest essence.  IN SHORT – I learned who I truly was.  And more importantly, I learned to live a life without fear.  THE LIFE I TRULY CAME TO EARTH TO LIVE.

It’s a remarkable thing – to do that.  It creates a powerful and magical life.  And it brings forth something else.  NEW POSSIBILITIES.  A brand new life is always born in that cocoon.  Sharing that life now, with you, is ever my joy and my bliss.  Because once something this magical * this profound * this powerful has touched you . . . it could never be contained for long and not shared with the world.

COME.  THE JOURNEY BEGINS SOON.  OUR HEART – our SACRED HEART – invites YOURS.  To remember who you truly are.  IN a brand new, potent way.  WITHOUT FEAR.  Embracing all of your beingness in its highest and deepest expression.  Life will – truly – never again be the same.  And that’s a good thing.  A magical thing.  A sacred thing.  A transformation within you that invites . . . PURE BLISS.

We call it SOUL*PLAY for that very reason!  It’s like a class – without the homework!  The true integration of the class comes on two levels – first, at your deepest inner Being, without you doing anything.  Just being present.  And opening your heart.  And, second – it then flows and wafts out through and into every channel and expression of your life.  This is a “class”  -to call it something it may not truly  be :- ) – that reveals a beautiful path for living = THE BLISS OF YOUR TRUEST BEING.  By reflecting YOUR TRUEST & DEEPEST LIGHT first to yourself and then out into your life and the world.

If you are ready to call forth that kind of life for yourself, join us.  Our “CLASS” – or “SOUL*PLAY” as we think of it . . . begins March 1st.  It continues for 9 full months, ending November of 2016.  During that time – 9 months :- ) by design – you will transform yourself from the inside out.  Simply by following the stepping stones that STAR CHILD revealed to me so many years ago.  You can now make her very sacred and special journey . . . your very own.  And in doing so, your life will hold nothing but magic and light and love.  NINE MONTHS is how long humans believe it takes to create NEW LIFE – a child – in the old way.  For us, it is exactly how long YOU TOO will take to create NEW LIFE.  YOUR OWN!

Join us – and be a part of the journey.  MAGICAL.  POWERFUL.  TRANSFORMATIONAL.  IT will reveal the very deepest and best of SPIRIT.  And, more importantly, you will birth the very deepest and best expressions of YOU – of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.


We begin March 1st, 2016.

The price is $1,111 for the journey.

This is an investment in YOU, of approximately $123.44 per month.

We’re ready.  Are YOU?

The classes will bring to you an online, self-paced JOURNEY INTO THE DEPTHS OF LIGHT.

The first class, BECOMING WHO YOU TRULY ARE, brings video “teachings” to your inbox, which you can view and contemplate at your soul’s pace.  These will hold the ORIGINAL WORDS AND TRUTHS StarChild shared, as well as deeper illuminations about living those truths in our human lives here on earth.  There will be fun and playful ways of settling your mind, opening your heart, and growing ever more comfortable as you play in the WISDOMS and REALMS of light.  We will use every element of Light to offer to you the class that will AWAKEN YOU into this powerful path before you.

There is no outline for the class.  Just the deep unknown.  IF YOU ARE DRAWN TO THIS CLASS, then it will BE perfect for you.  Without knowing the details of what is to come.  It’s pointless to do an outline.  They can change at any time, based on what is, in the moment, THE HIGHEST GIFT FOR YOU.  It will be co-created and crafted with your soul’s guidance for what will be the highest and deepest and most perfect discoveries of Light for us to reveal and to create especially for you.  Trust.  Your questions and ponderings will be explored, if you wish to share them.  And one-on-one illuminations and guidance for applying these gifts to your life and your world is available as an additional element of the journey if you choose or feel you would like heart-to-heart guidance.

It’s all here.  The pathway to a brand new life of pure passion, deepest love and fearless presence.  It’s worth everything . . . to a soul of light – to live that way.  Trust me :- ) I’ve seen the gifts it brings.  They are remarkable, inexplicable, and something more besides – they bring JOY of the HIGHEST KIND.  And they create a LIFE that truly does GLOW!

They CAN now be yours.

It is entirely up to you.


When you’re ready to take that step –


And welcoming all of who you truly are inside . . . to come forth now, out into your life – and the world.  TO LIVE WHOLLY.  There’s nothing more potent on earth.

Believe ME. :- )

Class sign-up begins February 1st, 2016.

Email me to be notified when enrollment is open.

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