Believing In Light

Believing in Light is a powerful thing.  It opens doorways others never SEE.  It escorts you across thresholds you did not know were there.  It invokes powers within that you never knew existed.

What is . . . “LIGHT”Really?

It is the ability to see, to find, and to recognize – LOVE – in its highest and purest forms.  Those without Fear.

It is a powerful way To Live.  True Empowerment comes only through its presence.  Are you ready to step into The Portal – “THE LIGHT” – of you living as who you truly are?  As your most powerful Self?

As . . . LOVE?

A life of magic, inner power, and transformation awaits.  If you are ready for a life overflowing with LOVE in all its forms . . . Say Yes!

You can join our fun, illuminating gatherings.

You have two options:

(1) An in-person gathering in the Pacific Northwest, 2017.

(2) A video gathering.

CHOOSE how you wish to experience LOVE, PEACE and JOY in your life now.  In a brand new – and potent! – way.

We’re ready.  Saying yes opens the doorway to energies, blessings, wisdoms – and soulful magic – in ways you may be surprised to find happening to you.  The very best form of surprises . . . soulful ones!

Just click the CONTACT US button in the lower right corner of our site (on tablets or larger devices) or click the BE IN TOUCH button below our header image..  We’ll update you with upcoming information about our gatherings and new wisdom creations!