In a universal sense – far beyond the right and the left, the votes and the campaign rhetoric – something keeps nagging at me.  I’ve saved it for the last, the very end, of our POLITICS OF LIGHT wisdoms.  It Is This:

Is it possible . . . this election is not A MISTAKE?

Is it possible . . . at a universal level this is not A TRAVESTY?

Is it possible . . . that in some beyond-our-imagination, unseen way . . . THIS, TOO, IS PERFECT?

This has been gnawing at me since election night.  There are no mistakes in the universal sense of life.  Only events which we do not yet understand – things which we have not yet raised our consciousness high enough to SEE THEIR PERFECTION.

I live my life by that truth – THE TRUTH OF LIGHT.

If you’ve read these POLITICS OF LIGHT wisdoms, you know that about me.  And you also know I did not vote for Hillary nor for Trump.  Though I know people who did – and I love them.  And I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO WIN before the first vote was cast.  But that’s a whole other story . . . OF LIGHT! ;- )


So what is it . . . about DONALD TRUMP . . . that makes him – in ways most can likely not see or know, and which – I suspect – even he himself does not yet know he holds . . . THE BEST, PERFECT PRESIDENT for us going forward?  What comes, in our collective futures, that HE IS IN PLACE NOW – and perfectly so – TO SHEPHERD US THROUGH?

If that seems virtually impossible to you – I ask you to look more deeply into the heart and soul of a man who, for all external appearances, could seem to be something less than PERFECT FOR US.

Because – in my heart – it feels to me as if HE IS IN PLACE to do something no one else would or could.  To lead or to create or to respond in some way that, for all their more politically astute selves and lives, they would not.  And yet – it will be exactly what WE need in that moment – all of us.

Is it possible . . . the least likely of us could bring our country to some new, compelling action or wisdom which is in the highest and best interest of us all?


I believe Trump has a destiny to fulfill.  And I do not see it as hate-filled or cruel.  He has something to give – that we need, or will need, in the near future.  And likely – just like many of us – he doesn’t even yet know he has that ability or that gift.  But when the moment comes – he will do the right thing.  His heart will lead him.  And his own inner counsel of one will give him the courage and the strength – to make the highest choice.  On our behalf.  ALL OF US.

I’ve been contemplating the traits and abilities he has shown during the campaign – to find where lies hidden this part of him that will step forward.  He has amazing tenacity.  He is not afraid to speak his truth – even if it is unpopular.  He has shown he will fight unendingly for something he feels is right.  He has also shown he will modify his views if something comes forward to genuinely change them.  He has an independent streak – to put it nicely – that should have been his undoing in a political election.  But somehow became his greatest asset.

Perhaps it is that . . . his ability to BE INDEPENDENT . . . that will in some way bring forward something in him many cannot now envision.  Something courageous.  Something inspired.  Something . . . profoundly surprising . . . even to him.

One of the last comments I saw he made, before I moved on from the election was this:   WE ARE ONE FAMILY.  I WANT US TO ALL LOVE EACH OTHER.

Perhaps . . . that was a single glimpse into the soul of a man that lies buried beneath so much flash that we have yet to see any of his light.  I don’t know.  But I can hope.

I do feel he has a destiny that is important to us all.  If so, that might just restore all of our beliefs not just in miracles – but in the ability of every person to change, to evolve, to grow.  I believe in that about each of us.