First Truths Of Light – My Magical Journey

“The First Truths of Light” came about in a magical way.

Over ten years in the making, they are just now being shared with the world.  Believing in spirit, angels, or the unseen realm is not a requirement – nothing is.  JUST YOUR HEART.  All of life has a heart – bring that part of yourself with you here, and these beautiful wisdoms will touch you in a magical way.

They take us deep into the essence of a very wise Being.  Someone who put her time and energy and presence into a gift she knew would be held in sacred trust – suspended – until it was time.  Until I was ready.  Until I could truly honor her gift . . . in the way she dreamed of.

These are those truths.  TRUTH, by the way, is a personal thing.  It is our hope that in experiencing THESE WISDOMS . . . your own contemplations of what we share will bring to you YOUR OWN DEEPEST TRUTHS.

Miracles come into form

Continually in these spaces. 

What will YOUR miracle be . . . ?

Enjoy the next TRUTHS OF LIGHT vignettes below!

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There are moments as small as a whisper, as tiny as a spider’s eyelash . . . which come on the wings of an invisible purpose – and take our hearts away with them. THIS was one of those moments. A tiny moment that did, in its own powerful way, change everything. Those moments are rare. To me, they are sacred. And now . . . . this one can be yours.



“A Special Being takes a magical journey. She returns with amazing and practical GIFTS: THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT she discovered on the way. She speaks them from her heart to her most treasured soul mate and friend. A long time later . . . they are given to the world. Her Magical Journey . . . can be your own. If you choose! This GIFT is about: LOVE.”



Not your usual conversation about FAITH, this WISDOM brings us face to face with . . . OURSELVES. How much do WE believe . . . in US? The power of our knowing of ourselves is a magical thing.




When we move through life, and this world, with the clarity of vision about LOVE and FORGIVENESS illuminated here, we expand in some amazing ways. More importantly, we cross ever closer to the shores of BLISS. PEACE. TRUE JOY.