In Labeling Others . . . We Label Ourselves

As a country – and particularly in our modern culture – we have come to love LABELS.  And we are – quite literally – LIVING and DYING by them.

They reflect our sound bite mentality – which is a symptom of being intellectually, AND if you ask me – compassionately, lazy.

Demographics have given rise to an entire breed of people who see others only as THEIR LABELS might suggest.  And that makes it the worst type of judgment:  stereotyping sanctioned as science, without any other basis for said belief – and most especially, without getting to know THAT SOMEONE first.

Thus, we THINK we know someone – what they feel, how they live, what they think, what is important to them, and worse, WHY – simply because we can label them or compartmentalize them as this or that:  evangelical – liberal – religious – white – black – woman – middle class – poor.

How we are becoming ever MORE NARROW in our thinking, I believe, reflects our love affair with – and the media’s deep reliance on – labels.  If we use labels, or allow others to use them, to define how we see people – WE LOSE.  We have lost our ability to understand, to get to know, to comprehend that unique Being.

If we fail to see each person as a unique, rare, complex, and individualized cosmic soup of beliefs . . . we have lost our ability to truly know them.  To understand them.  WE no longer can then see who they truly are, what they truly believe, how they really think and what potential they undeniably may hold.

I do promise you this:  if you are feeling FEAR after this election – you are looking and thinking with your mind.  If you want to SEE MORE TRULY and TRULY FEEL BETTER – look with your heart.

Otherwise, it might seem . . . you just may believe only one party – your chosen party – deserves to govern everyone, or can even hold the potential to govern well.  You may believe . . . everyone should live according to YOUR beliefs.  It would then mean that you seemingly cannot find common ground with half the people in your own country.  If so, that would seriously limit your ability to see the GIFTS others hold who do not think like you do.  And if we cannot do this first with our own FAMILY of diverse citizens within our own borders – what prayer do we have of ever seeing anything remotely like peace and harmony throughout our world?

It is our beliefs and our truths which are most often formed from our life experiences.  At least, until we begin consciously forming them, choosing to form them, from some higher perspective.  Had you lived the life those you see as “OTHER” than you have lived . . . you might very likely think and believe as they do.  Unless you can put yourself in the shoes of those you feel are “wrong” or “less” than you . . . you cannot truly love.

And if you cannot love those different from you . . . you cannot love your own truest self either.

And if you cannot love your true self . . . then you cannot receive true love in return.

Trump may not be my choice OR my guy.  Hillary may not be my choice OR my woman.  But I can exist in a world with either winning – because their potential feeds from OUR energy.

What concerns me is this:  our thoughts will create the reality we all see and feel and experience.  Our expectations are powerful and negative ones provide energy for that thing which you most fear to come true.  And then, though you may think you were “right” to fear it because it then comes true . . . it is your fear which actually helps to manifest that very thing.

If you have started – at all – down the path of opening your heart, expanding your view of the universe, and raising your own spiritual knowing of yourself and the life around you . . . that life must include ALL life – without exception.  It behooves none of us to walk the path of only SOME being worthy – of our love, of our understanding, of our compassion.

Those you least like – and least understand – can hold enormous soul gifts for you.  If you are willing to do the work, one on one, of getting to genuinely know them – they can touch you deeply, expand your knowledge greatly, and create a vastly different and more expanded view of life from within you.

This election is a big thing – for our country – and for all around us.  People are afraid – and most voted out of some form of fear, if they’re totally honest about it.  That has set us on this course.

It is up to us now

. . . What we make of it.

I suggest – we take THE PATH OF LOVE.

Because miracles only happen – when LOVE takes root.