Losing . . . Ourselves

It seems to me the REAL travesty – and error – SIN???, if you will :- ) – of this election . . . has been absolutely nothing anyone has said it is.

To Me . . . we have lost ourselves.  And not because half of our national family thinks differently from the other half or views things diametrically opposed – seemingly – from what we see.  Actually, to my way of thinking, that IS OUR ONE REMAINING STRENGTH.  We do NOT all think alike – feel the same – view through a singular prism.  WE hold GREAT diversity in our thoughts and viewpoints and freedoms.  Our country was founded on that very thing – the ability to be a cauldron and vessel for . . . ALL BEINGS.  Including those we are oh-so-certain are WRONG.  DISGUSTING.  DEPLORABLE.  HATEFUL.

To me, the fact that we seem to see things so differently as a country is a good thing in this current realm.  It can help us to all truly expand our thoughts and views, our understanding of how others experience the world.  If we could use that diversity – that difference of view – between us to really explore where we DO find common ground . . . I believe we would be deeply amazed at how much alike we truly are.

Our political system – and our media – creates the “us and them” war we are living.  And we, ourselves, prolong it and feed it . . . by using LABELS of any kind, in any way, to describe ourselves or any other being.

Defining and determining who we are – based on physical characteristics or material considerations, including party affiliations – “identity markers” – is the least accurate, laziest, and most prejudiced way to view or see ANY BEING.  Including . . . ourselves.

My life defies labels – at every single turn.  I would hope yours does as well.  I’m not a single party girl because I can find valid or valuable beliefs in the platforms of several of our political parties.  Moreover, I have never voted for a candidate BECAUSE of their race or gender – and I won’t.  I don’t think our physical characteristics or identities ARE WHO WE ARE – not truly.  And I do not believe they are the most important factor in getting to know ANYONE.  It is our lives that we create – and our actions – that reveal WHO WE ARE.  And there is no deeper revealing of that than how we see, treat, and describe those who we see as “other” than us – including those sitting on the opposite political spectrum from where you sit, wherever that may be.  Many in this election recoiled from the rhetoric of the one they see as embodying hate – then turned around and used hate themselves to describe him.  That creates a problem.  A big one.  And a deep one.

The most troubling thing of this whole election – to me – is not what either candidate did or said – or did not say or do.  What surprised me greatly was that WE, as a country, chose to see and speak of those around us – using labels and adjectives that, at best, do not describe the soul or spirit of any being.  And in doing so – we failed to look deeper or to see most truly THAT DEEPER PERSON before us.

I promise you, if you spend long enough with another person – you WILL find common ground.  You WILL find enduring gifts and blessings which they uniquely and singularly hold.  You WILL find value and worth, and a precious light that only they carry in this world.  ALL SIDES – EVERY LAST SPARK.

When we LABEL someone – ourselves or someone else – WE LOSE.  WE LOSE OURSELVES.  WE LOSE OUR ABILITY TO SEE AND HEAR the heart, the light, the soul.

And now it would seem we are, collectively, LOST.  And yet – it is US – in how we think and choose to see others . . . that has created this great moment:  the moment where we see with our minds AND NOT OUR OWN HEARTS.

If you are not going to do the work and go deep – if you do not bother to put in the time to get to know – and understand – another being . . . YOUR errors in judgment will indeed be profound.  And the same will then, too, be true . . . for your knowing of YOURSELF.

We can do better – no doubt.

The question, though, is this – who truly wants to?

I’m happy to say that I am seeing ALL BEINGS in our COUNTRY as holding love, worth and potential.  It took some work, but I see great promise in our ability to find MORE COMMON GROUND than DIFFERENCES between us.  The thing is, though . . . we have to want to do the work inside ourselves . . . to make that a reality.  Are we willing . . . TO PUT IN THE TIME – CULTIVATE GENTLE UNDERSTANDING – and ENGAGE IN GENUINE connection with those we see as least like us?

Circles, prayer groups, etc are all a wondrous thing.  But unless you are deeply and powerfully engaging in genuine, loving interaction with those you see as most UNLIKE YOU – I think you’re crafting your spiritual practice in an echo chamber.  Get out – explore and experience the most diverse flowers in our unique garden of light here in America.   And cherish and treasure each and every one.

I think our garden of life in America – our collective flowers – are all beautiful.  And even more stunningly so when they all dance together as one heart . . . with a million different views.  Let’s cultivate a garden of love for everyone.  And let’s begin that by really getting to know those we are sooooo certain we DO NOT LIKE, WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND, and CANNOT FATHOM how they can hold their own views and beliefs.

It’s not hard.  Really, it is not.

It’s just that WE have to change FIRST.

WE have to be willing to let go of our fear.