Our Inner Magic

Awakening to – and into – A New Part of Yourself is always exciting.  It holds potent new pathways of self expression that, let’s be honest, you did not know were there.

It can be unnerving to realize you have missed such beautiful, elegant, powerful parts of yourself.  But be assured, they come forth at the most perfect time.  Both for you – and for The Universe Itself.

It is true, however, that we can do our part – to welcome, to prepare for, and to encourage – that which is gestating in the very center of us:  Our Own Pure Spark of Light, ensconced in The Heart of Our Being.

Here is where we unfold our power.  Here is where we ignite our grace.  And here is the place where we deepen both our wisdom and our Knowing . . .

of Who We Truly Are. And Came To Be.

Our Inner Magic Awaits us, one and all.

Are you ready?

Oh yes – indeed – you truly are!