Our Sacred Power

Our Ability to exist – and To Love – as Beings of Light while on Earth . . . is limited, for each of us, only by our Fear.  It is an innate – divine – ability.  And it is granted to – and embedded within – each of us.

Deep in Our Center lives A Pure Spark of Light.  When we LIVE that – and only that – we invoke and call forth this deepest, truest, and most innate part of ourselves.  OUR SACRED POWER.

It is here that we begin to sail through life.  Not struggle – nor dog paddle in place – but to truly LIVE.  And to live as if a blessed fountain of invisible Light, Love, & Joy effortlessly supports our path.

This does not mean our journey through this life will not be powerful or even complex.  Likely – it will be.  Spellbindingly so, perhaps.

But it will feel as if – ALWAYS – there is this invisible, cushion of Light.  A wave of pure, sparkling Presence which . . . invisible though it may be . . . seems to guide, guardian, and help to create the highest gifts and greatest blessings from that very path.

Do you feel this in your own life?

Safe.  Protected.  Secure.


If not, choose to go deeper within yourself.  You will find that all kinds of LIGHT awaits you there.

And, if you want a guide for that journey of opening, awakening, and perceiving that Light within yourself – the Truest, Most Powerful Part of You – then we are happy to help.

You can do it on your own.  You Can!

If you don’t yet trust or quite believe that,

Let us begin the journey for you.

And then you take the lead

When you’re ready.