So Who Did I
Actually Vote For

Many of you have asked, after reading the wisdoms of THE POLITICS OF LIGHT here . . . so who did I vote for, if I did not vote – as I have said – for either Clinton or Trump?  Did I even vote?

Yes, I voted.  I consider it a sacred honor – and a privilege.  There have been a few times when my soul and inner light guided me TO NOT VOTE – imagine that?!  And I have honored that wisdom.  But in general, I take voting VERY seriously – SACREDLY, even – if not in the usual, accustomed way.

As you might expect, approaching an election from ONENESS significantly shifts the process on its axis – boy, does it ever!  What I mean is this:  the first thing I do is watch the energies of the candidates.  Not what they say or how they say it.  Not what they say or do or promise or portray – but their soul.  You can do this, of course – we all can – if you elevate yourself and your vibration or frequency into the very center of light, THE HEART OF ONENESS.  There is no duality here – you have to give that up in order to live as light.  Here – there is no illusion – and there is no fear.  There is only LOVE.

And, in that space, truth looks wholly different.  And I mean that – literally.  You see THE WHOLE TRUTH in ways that is shockingly contrary to what our human selves see.  What our MIND reveals.  You are in higher frequency territory here – energies of oneness – THE HEART.  AND TRUTH is going to surprise you here!

In the beginning, my search was to find – to watch and discern – of the candidates, who was the best one to align my energy to and with.  And, make no mistake – your vote is not just a vote – it is an alignment of your energy, your heart, your soul, your values and your beliefs with that of the candidate.  In ways I cannot even begin to explain, it is a stunning thing to approach an election in this way.

But also – here – you are talking about the energy, THE LIGHT, at the center of that being.  And what you are looking for is something that vibrates in harmony to your own signature.

It is important to realize, and to know going in, that this has nothing whatsoever to do with your mind’s beliefs and your labels for yourself or how you label others.  Identity stereotyping is rampant these days.  It does not serve anyone – the “labelee” or the “labelor”.  It is lazy – and it leads to horrendously inaccurate and untruthful conclusions.

This is pure energy – pure soul – pure heart.  And it is something more.  It is a universal offering of you, and your light, as a blessing to – not the person you like the most or even most agree with – but the one who most needs that light as we all move forward.  You cannot see that future on the horizon – but your soul knows it intimately.  And positions you to vote – to support with your Light – that which is needed most.  It’s an interesting take – not our usual voting paradigm, to be certain.  But then, SPIRIT – ONENESS – and our INNER ESSENCES – do not play in duality or its dichotomy.  They play in the realm of pure light – and ask us – to do the same.

About a month away from election day, I felt that click of inner energetic alignment – confirmation – that my soul had settled on who I was going to vote for.  Up to that point, I would have followed the deep, silent wisdom within me – to vote for Sanders * to vote for Trump *  to vote for Clinton * to vote for Stein.  I know that seems impossible to most on the planet – to be able to vote for any of the candidates and know I did the right thing * the highest thing * and be at peace going forward.  That takes great spirit, trust, and faith.  And it takes something more . . . COURAGE.  But what it REALLY REALLY TAKES?  Is a wisdom of the power of LIGHT.  Of ONENESS.  Of LOVE.  And of your own inner essence of light.

And no, I was not voting for a woman – though I am one – because I wanted our first woman president to take office.  I also did not vote for Obama because I wanted our first black president.  I am color blind and gender neutral – always have been.  And therefore will NOT vote for anyone based solely or even primarily because of those things.  Shocking, I know.  But . . . what I really vote for is the person whose energy is the clearest – in their soul.

The surprises that brings are big enough and earth-shattering enough to shock me to my core – nearly every election.  It’s never who you think, who you want, what the surface level of any campaign or election would tell you or lead you to conclude – or even what it would seem, at that point, the campaign is really about.  No, you are playing in higher ground here.  And you’d best check your own biases, opinions, prejudices – and group think – at the door.

Why?  Because this is about THE SOUL – THE ESSENCE – of A Being.  And that is so rarely what we see or is revealed or is on display . . . in a campaign.

In this election, I voted for Jill Stein.  A woman, yes, but that is not why I voted for her.  I voted for her because – energetically – her heart was the purest alignment to my own.  I do not agree with everything she stands for or wants to accomplish.  But I do agree with her heart.

That said, I began to know – around the same time – that Donald Trump was going to win.  I felt it.  I was not to vote for him – and I was not to vote for Clinton.  I could give you the reasons why for both, but suffice it to say . . . energies were in place to elect Trump.  And, I do not mean the so-called blue collar white men of our national family.  Despite what you likely think, those energies in place to elect Trump were sacred, divine energies.  Why?  How could that even be?  Go ahead and say it – what have you been smoking Mandy, lol! :- )  But it’s true.  He’s here to do something no one else could do.  I believe that with all my heart.

I was not a supporter of his.  I cannot tolerate his rhetoric.  I also was not a supporter of Clinton’s.  She has always seemed to me to be someone who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants – and believes whatever that takes is ok.  The end – justifies the means.  That is not me.

But the real thing is this:  THIS ELECTION was about TRUTH.  The revealings of hidden truth.  Those within the illusion – will never reveal it.  They can’t.  They have come to believe their own spin.  This election comes to reveal something important in the future of our country – our family – and ourselves.

So, I voted for Jill Stein.  Contrary to popular opinion – and opinion shaming gone rampant here in the Pacific Northwest . . . it was not a vote for Trump.  It was a vote – quite simply – FOR Jill Stein.

But here is the reason I’m telling why I voted as I did.  My candidate did not win.  But I am called now to lend all of my energy and light to support Trump’s soul as our new president elect.  Most cannot – and will not.  The hate and judgment flying is saddening to me.  Has our spiritual consciousness not evolved higher than this?  Half the country wants to divorce the other half.  Do we really, truly believe we have the foundation to ask for peace in our world on a global level – when we cannot love, understand, and defend the rights of ALL those who are different from us – even those we do not agree with on anything?

My task, post election, is clear – and it is the same it always is:



To believe in his ability to be greater than anyone thinks he can – and to trust in spirit’s ability to inspire and guide his heart, mind, and path.

The real work, thoughIS OURS.  To learn to truly engage in meaningful – LOVING – and genuine conversation with all kinds of Beings, who hold every belief under the sun.  You may think the blue states are more valuable than the red – but they really are not.  And you may think the red states are more stupid or arrogantly ignorant or violent than we in the blue – but they really are not.

We can only be divided into a country of US and THEM – if we do the dividing.  With our thoughts, our words, our beliefs – our choices.  I’m not into that.  My job is to love, cherish, respect, and honor all those who share this world with me.  TO THE SAME DEGREE – no difference whatsoever – between those who think like me and those who do not.

I have come to think of this as . . . THE POLITICS OF LIGHT.  It’s not about party, platform, or labels.  It’s about the heart, the soul, and the essence of every being – every kind – every one.  THAT is my politics.  What is yours?

My job – is to LOVE unconditionally.  And to be certain that the energy I put out into the world is UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING – across all spectrums.  This is – after all – THE FIRST TEACHING of LIGHT . . . of THE DIVINE SACRED FEMININE.  The sacred goddesses and energies of the sacred feminine of old.

WE seem to have forgotten this – to think our pain and our grief, if that is what we are experiencing, somehow gives us a license to forget – “THEY” hold value.  “THEY” hold as much potential as “WE” do.  And “THEY” – even when their words and actions do not meet our view of the world – are worthy of . . . “OUR HIGHEST LOVE”.

If we are feeling fear after this election?  We are not in our hearts.

To live as instruments of THE DIVINE SACRED FEMININE we all are – in its purest incarnations – we, too, must stay in our hearts.  ONENESS.  LOVE WITHOUT END.  There is no other way to change the world.  There is no other way to change anything – unless we first change ourselves.

My focus is THE ONENESS of LIGHT.  That is how THE SACRED FEMININE lives her truths, but more importantly, wields her power.  THE POWER OF LOVE.

This election brings me peace.  Even though my candidate did not win.  And I am hopeful about our future – one and all.  I believe in our collective heart.

But most importantly?

I believe in my own SACRED POWER of PURE LOVE.

PURE LIGHT.  ONENESS.  I’m wielding that in the aftermath of this election.