The First Truths Of Light

Every once in a great while

– Perhaps once in each life


Grand in its meaning, stunning in its purpose, it takes your life in its tender hands – and changes everything.  Yes, it’s true, you may not see it when it is happening, you may not fathom the depths to which transformation just arrived at your soul’s door.  BUT IT CAME JUST THE SAME.  And life will be again as it was – never more.

This happened to me.  It was not something I planned.  Not something I invited.  Not something I thought or knew I even wanted.  In fact, had I been asked, I would have been ever certain – I DID NOT!

Our Soul, OUR ESSENCE, is funny – and wise – in that way.  Continually and deeply a part of spirit, connected to the highest knowings of light and wisdoms of our life path . . . our conscious, mental, even emotional perspectives don’t hold much power.  The Soul moves on, ever forward, into its destiny.

This was my path.  The smallest, tiniest of openings came knocking.  I barely knew it was there.  Hidden, tucked beneath the veils of what to me was a tragedy, my heart broke – and then it shattered – and then everything changed.  The shift was, at once, instantaneous – and, too, what seemed almost a lifetime in coming.

It is here that we begin our story.  Not at the rosy beginning where we think LIGHT and LOVE are born.  Rather, mine began in the depths and the deep of  . . . TRAGEDY.  Something which came unbidden.  Something so beyond the norm.  Something which moved me ever quickly into a space where my old life had dissolved – before I even truly knew something had come.

The Gift and The Blessing of that time was enormous.  Shocking.  HUGE.  Not unlike what a caterpillar goes through before it magically transforms into a butterfly.  And I have carried it inside me all this time.  Yet, I suppose, if I had been thinking clearly . . . I would have known . . . it, too, would one day have to be born.  IT would require release.  It would want to finish the journey, to give these precious, powerful gifts of LIGHT that were bestowed on me . . . to all others, should they choose to invite LIGHT into their own depths of being.

The Gift

Began with a whisper. 

Yes, it’s true.  Faint.  Tiny.  Yet powerful beyond all form.  It held me in mesmerized wonder, as I heard . . . then saw . . . something extraordinary.  I won’t tell you about it here.  Some things are better left unsaid.  At least for a time.

What matters is what came next.  In the wake of that one, single moment – my life itself became ANEW.  And though I had no idea in that moment that it had happened, both my life and my purpose had suddenly taken on a most celestial – if as yet unseen – hue.

Fast forward a decade – or more! – and we arrive here at this point tonight.  A New Moon just risen.  A New Year just begun.  Everything I look upon now truly being reborn.

And so it is, appropriate and yet ironic, that the MOMENT which began it all . . . was DEATH.

This is the story of . . . THE FIRST TRUTHS OF LIGHT.  How they were gifted to me is pure magic.  How they transformed me and my life is surely a miracle.  But that’s not the half of it!  The real beauty and power they hold lies undiscovered . . . just awaiting their release.   And this is our sacred space for their BIRTH INTO THE WORLD.

Come.  You’ll see.  They aren’t what you may think.  They are . . . extraordinary!  But they began, truly, with the smallest, tiniest of WHISPERS.  The ones that, upon deeper contemplation, TRANSFORMED MY LIFE as I applied them in ever-greater depths to the ordinary human moments we all live.  NOW, ten years and more after . . . they are being given to the world.  In a very special way.  But those first truths are so potent, simply in and of themselves, those first days of wonder and discovery – OF A NEW WAY – that we offer them here . . . for you . . . freely, intentionally, and with all our love.

MAY THEY TRANSFORM YOU – and YOUR LIFE – as deeply as they have my own.  For I tell you . . . this was only the beginning.  Their simple nature is beguilingly deceptive.  They CHANGE EVERYTHING.  And then . . . there is so much more that did come.  But the world’s not quite ready for THAT.

Let’s begin here

. . . At the beginning. 

Where A NEW LIFE can be born.


Precious wisdoms about expansion and living as light while here in the physical realm were gifted to me. A decade and more later, they are just now being shared with the world. Below you can enjoy our gift of 3 VIGNETTES (videos) created from the very earliest writings of THE FIRST TRUTHS OF LIGHT.  Our introduction gives you a tiny peek at how they came to be – and why they are important.

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Every story has a beginning. But this one began long before I knew. Magic happens that way – appearing before us, in plain sight, but hidden from view. Until . . . we open our eyes. Until we SEE with our heart’s sight.




A gathering of 4 short wisps of Light. These were a few of the very first wisdoms that came in this very special, magical way to me. After these, it went very deep, very fast! Take a peek and see how profound even some of the shortest TRUTHS can be. They inspire, invite wonder and reflection – and transform us, and our world, if we step into them. ENJOY!


Love & Healinig:


If we only knew. The Power that waits inside us. The deeper purpose behind every moment of physical expression that appears to be less than we had hoped or dreamed. THE BEAUTY IS THIS: we all hold this unlimited power within our selves. Perhaps it is time to welcome it, understand it – and use it. WITH ABANDON!