The Least Of Us, The Best Of Us

It seems to me that if we can view our world – our country – our families – ourselves . . . from a space of LIGHT – from LOVE . . . then we hold a powerful opportunity before us right now, this very moment, TO CREATE A BETTER WORLD.

We often say we want that – a better, kinder, truer, gentler, happier – world.  We say we want peace.  We say we wish for harmony.  We say we yearn for love.

If that is true – really true – then we hold that power.


By understanding that LOVE is something we all hold – and something which can transform even the darkest, heaviest of energies.

But you cannot love – TRULY LOVE – while holding onto fear.  You have to let that go.  And if you look at all the harsh, cruel, or negative energies in this world . . . they all sprout from that seed of fear.  Abandon that energy – and you can feel lighter, more empowered, and more certain of the good in the world.

That choice is up to you.  It is up to each of us.  I SUGGEST WE ALL MAKE IT TODAY!

If you see everything from the center of the heart – from a space of light – it changes the vision of what you see.  It becomes more WHOLE.  It becomes more TRUE.  It reveals so much more of THE POTENTIAL actually present – where moments before you thought there was none.

Being hopeless is, in many things, a choice.  Things that used to rip my heart out or make me deeply sad or anxious – about our country and the world at large – no longer have that power.  Because I SEE THEM – and the potential of All Beings here on earth – quite differently.  Changing my view has changed everything.

Not everything is as it appears to be.  Sometimes. . . even miracles . . . happen in the least expected, most surprising of ways.  Simply because the human heart awakened into more of its SOUL’s TRUE LIGHT – when we least thought or believed that it could.

Our belief in the goodness and the potential lying-in-wait in the center of All Beings . . . helps to bring that forward.

What do YOU choose . . . TO SEE? 

Do you see them and you . . . or WE?

The question is not HOW BAD WILL OUR FUTURE BE under this ‘new’ president some – perhaps you – fear or hate.  The question is . . . HOW MUCH LIGHT can we contribute to this presidency so that it can be good for us all?  So that it can sustain us all?  So that it can surprise us all in the very highest and best of ways?  Therein lies our power – every 4 years – no matter who wins.

THAT is our greatest power, each of us:  to worry and fear – or to engage in LOVE and the energy of LIGHT – in this event, even for someone some think is bad or evil or wrong.

Loving those who are like us is easy – loving those who seem far different than we is not just “our work” here – IT IS WHERE ALL OF OUR TRUE POWER can be found.  Let’s engage in that – OUR TRUE POWER – and watch our world transform!

Sometimes . . . the least of us, the most unexpected of us . . . becomes the best of us.  THAT is the potential of the heart.  That is something we all hold.  And we all choose whether we wish to help create that miracle – or not.

We register that choice – each of us – with our every breath.

What is your next thought, your belief, your next action

. . . Creating?