The Politics Of Light

It came to me, in the wee hours, of our U.S. National election.

Something powerful.  Something . . . profound.  Something stirring deep in my soul.

I had, from the start, seen this election for president different from most – and, just to be clear here at the beginning of our conversation – no, my candidate did not win.  And yet what I saw happening, what I heard from my friends, what those around me and on the news were experiencing . . . was so vastly different than how I felt – how I saw things – how this election affected and impacted me.

Oh yes – without a doubt – the energy was huge.  And – to be quite honest – often heavy.  And it is true that I could not wait for it to be over – and yearned for it to be behind us.

But I felt something . . . something stirring the whole way through.  This was not going to be just like any other election.  This one held a surprise – or two or three or four.  This one . . . was going to be a deep and potent invitation delivered directly to the doorstep of our souls . . . for us to transform.

That is the word I want to use.  That is how I felt as we moved through it.  That is how I FEEL about what has transpired.  It came forth to be – TRANSFORMATIVE – for us, one and all.

As we have seen, it is a powerful and potent thing – when we disagree.  When we are surprised.  When we are stunned by an outcome and our path forward pivots dramatically, or seems to exceed or perhaps defy our expectations.  Yet, I knew Trump was going to win.  Yes – I did.  Not because I voted for him – I didn’t.  And not because I was afraid of him – I wasn’t.  And not even because I wanted Hillary to win and could therefore not see any other option as viable – I did not vote for Hillary either.

I voted my heart, and as my consciousness led me to.  I hope you did, too!  I most certainly DID NOT vote out of fear.  I don’t make a single choice or decision in my life anymore from fear.  It is a terribly potent – and nasty – energy.  Just look around our country since the election if you doubt me on this.

What was most surprising to me was this:  most people I know were not happy with our new president.  And most people I see are really struggling in the aftermath of the election.  Trying without much success to find their higher energies, their truest compassion, and their deepest peace.

I’m not here to discuss politics as usual.  I’m here to share with you how it is that I am at peace – even though my candidate did not win.  I’m here to share with you how I can look upon the future before us – and be at peace.  Even . . . hopeful.  And I’m here to share with you, simply and truly, the wisdoms I have shared with my friends and clients who are quite honestly struggling in the face of this outcome.

I am at peace.  I feel love for our country, for those who voted differently than I, and yes – for our new president to be.  Do you?  If not, then these are my gifts of light to you.  So that you, too, can – if you choose – create a new path forward for yourself in this event.  It’s up to each of us what we become through the outcomes life bestows upon us.  I’m becoming . . . deeper peace . . . and truer love.

Want to join me in that?  I hope so!  It is a wonderful way to feel after this election. These are . . . the wisdoms I have found . . . about THE POLITICS of LIGHT.  Enjoy!

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May you be blessed, feel at peace, and look with hope to our collective future.

We have a collective heart, America.  Let’s use it!