The Problem Is “US”

You know, it is strange to me that my human family, in large measure, seems to live in such a cloistered, homogeneous life.  And that narrow vision becomes all they know – and defines their beliefs.  I’m surprised – GREATLY – that as a group, we Americans seem now to have little ability to genuinely want to discover – ONE on ONE – how others see and feel and view the world.  And, most importantly – WHY.

My own family is incredibly diverse – I hope yours is too!  Mine holds a spectrum of religious, ethnic, cultural and political beliefs.  Those I work with in my life do as well.  More often than not, I can even be a voice of ONE . . . in the soup of beings who make up my world.

But I CANNOT IMAGINE for a moment cutting myself off from those whose beliefs are so far across the spectrum than my own.  Some of these people have given me my greatest and deepest gifts in this lifetime.  Gifts I could never have received if I did not allow them into my life – as who they truly are – on their own terms.

I don’t judge them – I put myself in their shoes.  I see through their eyes – if only for a moment.  I begin to understand the vision they hold by standing in their place and peering at the world they see, they experience, they live in – rather than my own.  I listen with MY HEART – and I hear . . . their own.

Doing this has taught me peace and understanding.  But it has given me a far greater gift.  That of deeper compassion and greater intellectual capacity from which to see and to live my own life, make my own decisions within, and cultivate deeper choices from greater wisdom.

In truth, it has blessed me and expanded my own emotional, spiritual – and, yes, even intellectual – capacity.

If you are angry * afraid * shocked * or in grief after this election . . .

If you are now removing yourself from family and friends YOU USED TO HOLD DEAR because of their vote or their beliefs . . .

If you are teaching your children to fear their fellow Americans because of their party affiliation, their vote or because values other than your own seem to have won this election . . .

If you wish our country only held those who reflect your views – or, at the very least, you now wish your country always and only holds YOUR views in a majority . . .

Then I have this to say. 


I truly believe this is a defining moment for each of us.  A Calling, even.  But especially so if you identify with any of the above viewpoints.  Or if you are, conversely, smug over a surprise win.

I do not see this as a calling to fight.  I do not see this event as a calling for this verbal and social scorched earth policy playing out in the headlines – perhaps, too, even in your own words, relationships, and views.

If you believe the worst of people – they usually fulfill that belief.  Think about that.  What exactly are we creating with all this hate, all this demonizing, and all this self-righteous us versus them rhetoric?

The Moment asks us all now . . . I believe . . TO DO THE REAL WORK.  We are asked to put our time and energy into doing THE INNER WORK.  And what is that?   It’s simple:  TO EXPAND OUR HEART in this event.

To work deeply to understand, to get to know, and to love . . . those we so obviously do not.

Most people will exactly fulfill our belief in them – our expectation of what they are capable of.  Are you ready to give all that power you hold inside of you – TO LOVE or TO HATE – over to “the dark side”.  Just so you are right?  Just so you can vent?  Just so you can help someone to fail who you believe cannot win – or succeed if they do?  JUST SO THAT YOU CAN SAY that another being holds no potential to change, to bring forward a gift of their own, or to transform our country into something better?

Is that really your world view?  That only those you agree with can have an answer – a better solution – can grow – can transform – can do the right thing?

I believe that ALL BEINGS – to a one – can be or become INSPIRED by something greater than themselves – be it a sacred energy, a moment of intense and exceptional weight, or even . . . hitting rock bottom.  I believe that we all can be lifted up on unseen wings and find ourselves assisted in a surprising and beautiful way.  We can all experience moments of greatness – inspiration – wisdom . . . that seems to come from somewhere far beyond our own current human capacity.

It’s funny, this election seems to be all about the candidate you hate.  Trump or Hillary, it doesn’t matter.

But – to me . . . THIS ELECTION . . . is most importantly about “US”.  Collectively.  Our American Family.

ARE WE READY TO DO THE INNER WORK of truly loving, and genuinely getting to know, and honestly trying to understand . . . those not like us?  Those who hold a different world view?  Those whose life experiences, in this country or elsewhere, have formed their beliefs?

We seemed to have collectively MISSED this opportunity during the campaigns.   Now . . . we get to choose again.

NOW would be a great time TO BEGIN!