The Purpose . . . Of This Election

While it is easy to choose to gloat, or alternatively, to be distraught . . . I have found that the most important single act I have taken BEFORE * DURING * AND SINCE the US Election for our new president – is something that may surprise us one and all.

I began TO SEEK – inside myself and into the sacred depths of Oneness – to know THE PURPOSE for this election.  Its highest, most sacred, most spiritual purposes . . . to be fulfilled through both the candidates themselves and the results chosen when all was said and done.

The PURPOSE?  I did find it.  I explored it.  I discovered deeper meanings to everything which I thought meant otherwise – and I expanded my vision of both what was happening – and what was possible.  In that space . . . I began to see a hidden wisdom.  A guiding hand.  A perfection that was elusive to find in any form when I looked at this campaign and election for our president – through human eyes.


Simply put . . .

It is this . . .LOVE AT ALL COSTS.

Love – no matter the outcome.

This is ALWAYS * ALWAYS * ALWAYS . . .

The path forward.

Now you know.  You know THE PURPOSE of this election – so bold, so brazen, so achingly repulsive in every way – on all sides.  It came into form just as it is . . . this huge, potently disparaging and despairing storm . . . TO TEACH LOVE.  TO REVEAL TRUTH.

I suggest that we – one and all – take that to heart.  HOW do you teach love?  Not by yelling, crying, violence, pitching fits or using your words to inflict pain.  YOU TEACH LOVEby example.  By BEING loving.  By BEING tolerant.  By BEING understanding.  And by BEING compassionate towards those you do not understand, do not like, do not want to know – or, worse, think you already do when you haven’t yet tried AT ALL to see them as a unique being.

No other actions actually TEACH love.  It is our example – our responses and reactions towards those WE LEAST LIKE and DO NOT UNDERSTAND – that defines who we are.

TRUTH . .. . can truly ONLY be revealed through LOVE.  Through ONENESS.  Through seeing the perfection – and the potential – we all hold.  Even those we think are unworthy of . . . our light.  If we’re not willing to live LOVE during this election and, especially, now afterwards . . . we have not just lost our way.  We have failed to define OUR OWN SELVES – with our actions – as we truly are.  ALL.  EACH AND EVERY ONE.

Try it.  The world can be a beautiful place . . . it’s up to us to change how we see “THEM”.  From both sides – from all sides.  There is no them.  Only US.  Who are we?  ONE and ALL.  WE ARE LOVE.

If you cannot find or see the love in those you are right now despising and hating and fearing . . . try harder.  Go deeper.  Gaze with your heart into their own.  You may just be surprised . . . at what you find there, what you learn and come to know about them.  And, thus, most surprisingly of all . . . what you discover about YOUR SELF!