Truly * Madly * Deeply

It is beyond our ability to IMAGINE how deep, how potent, how amazing the forces of light truly are.

And only when we leave our old ways behind can we truly experience the full depths and breadths of our being.  OUR TRUEST SELF.

Here, nothing is ever wrong.  Here, nothing ever feels like work.  Here, PERFECTION REIGNS.  And though you may believe that cannot be what is true or real or exists here in this realm – IN OUR WORLD – now, today . . .



Coming to live this new truth is incredible.  It holds new powers, new gifts and abilities, all that take root deep inside you.  But it does something even more incredible.  IT BRINGS US TO THE VERY SHORES OF OUR DEEPEST BEING.  The space where we ARE illumination – we don’t just behold it.   The place where we ARE THE LIGHT – we don’t just invoke it.  The area of our self where we ARE SOURCE – we don’t just admire and revere it.

Sound crazy?  Yes, I suppose, to all of us it does – at first.   That’s not the point.  The point is this:  IF SUCH POWER, SUCH GRACE, SUCH POTENT LOVE and PURELY INCREDIBLE KNOWINGS OF LIFE lived inside you right now, this very moment – how on earth could you possibly WISH to keep ignoring them, keep hiding from them, keep yourself from living IN THAT SPACE?

It  is  possible. 

They are  true.  Life does  work that way.

If that is not yet your truth and not the reality you are living in your life and the world today – then I can only say this:  YOU CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.   You can choose for it to be so.  You can choose to begin that journey – and adventure – of opening to THE LIGHT which lives already inside you: WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

And even if you THINK you are already doing so and living this way, I ask you this:


Because though our world is blessed by beings who are consciously and actively expanding their light and knowing of their spiritual selves – to the extent any moment is executed within a framework of fear – that’s NOT THE LIGHT WE ARE SPEAKING OF HERE.  Consider this:  even the things you believe you are doing that are LOVE . . . are you SURE they do not, also, hold an element of FEAR?

If so, then, I can say this:  WHAT LIVES INSIDE YOU is not what you think.  THE LIGHT and THE SPIRTUALITY OF YOUR BEING has something to reveal to you that will knock your socks off.  It will transform your path – even that life path you are certain is so dedicated to life and spirit.


How do you find this WAY of LIVING AS LIGHT – TRUEST, PUREST, LOVE?

It’s simple.  Easy.  You immerse yourself within it without any thought to these things:  OUTCOME, FORM, PROCESS, CONSEQUENCES.  Can you do that?  Can you BE  “ALL IN” !?!?!?

If so, then you will find this mantra helpful:



You will live and breathe – AND DO – and more importantly CHOOSE! – every single breath you take and moment you meet . . .  from a space of pure, unbounded COMMITMENT and SACRED COVENANT to the power, the frequency, the truth of PURE LIGHT.  OF LOVE.

And when you do, yes, others may think you are crazy or insane or misguided or lost.  That doesn’t matter.  ALL THAT MATTERS IS THIS:  that you know and live the truths of your being – the purest essence of THE LIGHT THAT LIVES WITHIN YOU.  Of course that might seem quite different and difficult to understand by those locked in the old paradigm.  Their truths are not your own.  If they judge you without first understanding your world – that speaks of themnot you.  But the REVELATION will ultimately be for them, believe me – when they do discover what you already know – the life they lived was FAKE.  UNTRUE.  A VERY WEAK VERSION of who they came to be and all the LOVE they did hold.

Their sadness will be understandable; you may at some point have felt the same way.  But if you embrace YOUR PATH as it comes:  TRULY * and MADLY * and DEEPLY – if you live IT COMPLETELY . . . then your BLISS will become a beacon which can illuminate the potential, the possibility, the REALITY . . . OF LIFE HERE NOW ON EARTH.

Not everyone awakens while here – some awaken as they leave.  The Choice is before each of us . . . and we are all, to a one, NOW MAKING OUR CHOICE.  So what is it – right now –



If you choose LIGHT, we begin here, now, this very moment.  This site and space is dedicated to nothing but . . . LIVING LIGHTas TRULY MADLY and DEEPLY – as it has ever been done on earth.  Join me.  IF YOU DARE, lol! ;- )    The Leading Edge of Light – on EARTH – just quantumly expanded.  It is time to DIVE DEEP.  Of course, staying in the kiddie end of the pool is an option.  Is that you?  Is that who you think you truly are?

I know better.

But what truly matters is this:  HOW DO YOU SEE YOU?  WHO DO YOU CHOOSE TO BE?

Welcome.  Our Journey here is not just life changing. It alters the very realm of life within which we all live and exist.


ALCHEMY of the highest kind.


We begin.  NOW.