U.S. Election Takeaway
. . . Where We Go Now

To me, the takeaway from this election is simple – no matter who you voted for, or did not vote for.  The “conclusion” of it all arises from a space of Light – from seeing profoundly WITH YOUR HEART.

In this space, there is no blame – no ridicule – no rhetoric or vitriole.  Simply the greatest truth we can all bear, and hear, if we choose.

It’s not about HIM.

And it’s not about HER.

It’s about . . .


Who do YOU choose to be?  Who do YOU wish to become in its aftermath?  How will you choose to go forward – as a separatist and a divider – or as one who can see the light, the value, and the hidden potential in all Beings.  EVEN IF that potential appears to be hidden from you – or even – themselves.

Making it about THEM takes the spotlight off of you.  Making it about “THE OTHER(S)” reduces your view to one that is at best limited – at worst, divisive.  Making it about YOU:  how YOU choose to speak – how you choose to view our country and others – what you choose to become . . . restores the power each one of us holds to shape our destiny.  And that is our greatest hope for our shared future.

I’ve not heard a lot of “HEART” wafting around after the election.  That’s everyone’s choice.  But this is mine:

TO LOVE – without exception.

AND TO BELIEVE – with unwavering certainty –

In the potential of all beings.

Join Me?